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Failure Free Reading
Failure Free Reading

*Note account is listed under Tyler, TX



Below are the links to staff member's Zoom ID which will allow you to join a session with your staff member.   Please use the email function within Edgenuity to communicate with the staff members and schedule your time for your Zoom Session.  Do not join sessions unless you have been instructed to do so.

Remote Attendance Session – Click Here
Bruce Blair – 366-152-3682
Dalton Stewart – 972-257-5638

John Wilhite – 229-969-6409
Ricky Gillespie – 754-168-5268    
Roxanna Posey – 816-184-1638

Sandra Page – 785-705-3111
Scotty Storey – 771-895-6814    
Tricia Johnson – 435-209-1249


Remote Students

Remote students click here to see details about how remote learning will work this year.

Can't Connect to WIFI

 If you can’t connect to wifi, click here and see a video with instructions on how to connect.

Acceptable Use Policy

Access to Internet, computers, and other network resources at The Ranch Academy offer students an unlimited source of resources and information to support their educational development. Students have the privilege of using the Internet for expert resources and participating in various other learning activities. Access to these resources is granted only when the student agrees to the Acceptable Use Policy.  By clicking any link you confirm that you have read and accepted the policy.

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