Summer Sessions
Staff members will research and locate 4 staff development sessions/days outside of their contract time
during the summer of 2018. These are paid days in your contract and are designated on the calendar
during the week of July 9-12. You must obtain prior approval from the Superintendent before signing up for the
course. If you teach a STAAR testing subject, at least one of the days must be directly related to STAAR
prep content. Staff Development sessions must specifically pertain to your job duties and work with the
students at The Ranch Academy. You will need to sign up and attend all four sessions in the summer of
2018 prior to returning to work for the fall semester. 

Topics for Focus
ESSA Campus Needs and Improvement Plan, Campus wide Discipline Program, Leadership Development,
STAAR and Content area Development, Career and College Readiness, Parent Engagement/Programs,
Social/Emotional Learning, Therapeutic Approaches to working with students with Mental Health,
Addiction and Behavioral Diagnosis.

Note: You do not attend training on our campus in July; these are on-your-own sessions. You must bring your certificates when you return to campus in August.