Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public open enrollment school. We operate under the same guidelines and rules for any public school as directed by the Texas education agency.

Does my student have to take and pass the state assessment in order to graduate at your school?

Yes. All students must take and pass all state-mandated assessment tests such as the STAAR/EOC exams.

Does it cost any money or are there tuition fees for The Ranch Academy?

No, as a public school, The Ranch Academy does not charge any fees not otherwise charged at any other public school. Students are required to provide their own basic school supplies. A list is provided at enrollment.

How much do meals cost?

We do not provide breakfast for our day students. However, students have access to a refrigerator and microwave and we have time during the day specified to allow them to take breaks and eat a snack or late morning breakfast if they bring it to school. Lunch is $3 per day. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at their previous school will fill out paperwork to be considered for the same option at The Ranch Academy.

What if my child currently has failing grades?

At enrollment, a transcript analysis is conducted and students are given the opportunity to go back and utilize credit recovery options to improve their previous grades. This option is in addition to maintaining work in their current classes.

Do you provide transportation?

No, we do not provide any transportation for students. Transportation is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Can my child take the GED test there?

No-The Ranch Academy is not a GED test prep center or testing site.

Is your school accredited?

Yes, we are considered a fully accredited school by the Texas Education Agency.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all teachers are The Ranch Academy are fully certified and considered Highly Qualified under No Child Left Behind requirements. Each teacher has multiple years of teaching experience and each holds numerous certifications in the areas in which they teach.

What if my child has been assigned to Alternative School by their current school?

All students will be considered on an individual basis for enrollment. All information will be taken into account including discipline, attendance and academic performance.